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E-vignette: here’s how it works

With vintrica it’s easy to register your number plate online for all motorways and main roads that require a vignette. You can simply buy a vignette either from home before you start your journey or on the spur of the moment during your journey on your smartphone before you get on the motorway.

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Enter vehicle category and registration number.
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Pay tolls simply and securely online.
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Receive the e-vignette immediately by email or text message.

Practical: With the electronic vignette (e-vignette), you no longer have to go out of your way to buy an adhesive vignette and stick it on your car windscreen. Instead, you pay the toll online on the vintrica website and enter your vehicle registration number. Payment of the toll is checked automatically using camera technology that reads your number plate on the motorway as you pass – without you noticing.

With vintrica, you will always have a smooth journey: in addition to vignettes for Bulgaria and Slovakia, we also offer the e-vignette for Hungary as an official partner of the Hungarian motorway operator.

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