E-vignette Slovenia

Toll charges in Slovenia are collected through a digital vignette (also called E-Vinjeta) via the Dars payment system. The motorway vignette is linked to a vehicle registration number and can be purchased online from vintrica. You can purchase the Slovenian vignette quickly and easily using PayPal, online banking or a credit card. A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address and, if you wish, you will receive a text message confirmation that you can show at a checkpoint.

1: Motorcycles

Track narrower than 50 cm

2A: Cars and camper vans

Cars up to 3.5t with a height over the first axle of less than 1.3 metres or camper vans up to 3.5t

2B: Vans

Total weight up to 3.5t and height over the first axle greater than 1.3 metres

Toll roads

Tolls are compulsory on a total stretch of over 610 kilometres of Slovenian motorways and expressways. All roads marked with "A" and "H" can only be used with a valid e-vignette. Please note that slip roads belong to the respective motorways and expressways and therefore also require a vignette.

Motorways (avtocesta)

The following motorways require a vignette:

A1 Autobahn Slowenien E57 Europastraße E59 Europastraße E61 Europastraße E70 Europastraße
Štajerska-Primorska motorway
Flagge Österreich Österreichische Grenze Šentilj – Maribor – Celje – Ljubljana – Postojna – Koper
A2 Autobahn Slowenien E61 Europastraße E70 Europastraße
Upper Carniola-Lower Carniola motorway
Flagge Österreich Österreichische Grenze Karawanks Tunnel (special toll) – Kranj – Ljubljana – Novo mesto – Brežice – Obrežje Kroatische Grenze Flagge Kroatien
A3 Autobahn Slowenien E61 Europastraße E70 Europastraße
Sežana motorway
Divača – Fernetiči Italienische Grenze Flagge Italien
A4 Autobahn Slowenien E59 Europastraße
Podravska motorway
Slivnica – Hajdina – Draženci – Gruškovje Kroatische Grenze Flagge Kroatien
A5 Autobahn Slowenien E653 Europastraße
Pomurska motorway
Dragučova A1 – Beltinci – Murska Sobota – Pince Ungarische Grenze Flagge Ungarn

Motorways (hitre ceste)

At the beginning of 2020, five expressways existed, some of which were upgraded to motorways in the course of motorway expansion and thus cease to exist in the blueprints, while others were downgraded to rural roads.

H3 Schnellstraße Slowenien
Northern bypass Ljubljana
Part of the Ljubljana ring road, link between A1 and A2
H4 Schnellstraße Slowenien
Northern bypass Ljubljana
Razdrto A1 – Nanos – Ajdovščina – Vrtojba Italienische Grenze Flagge Italien
H5 Schnellstraße Slowenien
Flagge Italien Italienische Grenze Škofije – Dekani – Koper H6 – Dragonja Kroatische Grenze Flagge Kroatien
H6 Schnellstraße Slowenien
Koper H5 – Lucija
H7 Schnellstraße Slowenien
Črni dol A5 – Dolga vas Ungarische Grenze Flagge Ungarn


Regional roads in Slovenia are exempt from the vignette obligation. There are also toll-free road sections as an exception, where no vignette is required:

  • A2 motorway: between Rosenbach (Austria) and Hrušica (Slovenia); toll is paid by using the Karawanks Tunnel
  • H6 expressway: between Koper-Semedela and Koper Lucija; due to a closure between Koper and Izola, you are diverted and allowed to use the Markovec tunnel without paying a toll
  • H1: between Pesnica and Tezno, has been downgraded from an expressway to a regional road
  • H2: has been downgraded from an expressway to a regional road


Click on the following map to get an overview of all toll roads in Slovenia

Mautpflichtige Autobahnen und Schnellstraßen in Slowenien

Karawanks Tunnel

The Karawanks Tunnel is excluded from the general vignette obligation in Austria and Slovenia, instead a special toll of around £6.70 is charged for passing the tunnel and can be paid on site at the Hrušica toll station. The special toll is only valid for a single trip through the tunnel and does not count as a return trip. Therefore, the points card for the tunnel is worthwhile for frequent drivers. With the points card, you can pass the tunnel 14 times in 30 days for around £30.20.

Regulations for vehicles

The fee depends on the vehicle you are driving. The following e-vignettes are available in Slovenia:

≤ 50cm
> 50cm
≤ 1,3m
≤ 3,5t
Pkw unter 3,5 Tonnen
≤ 1,3m
≤ 3,5t
Pkw mit Anhänger unter 3,5 Tonnen
≤ 3,5t
Wohnwagen unter 3,5 Tonnen
> 1,3m
≤ 3,5t
Pkw unter 3,5 Tonnen
Vignette obligation examples

Regulations for trailers

Trailers are not affected by the e-vignette Slovenia. You only have to buy the correct toll class for the towing vehicle.

Prices and validity periods

You can choose between the following validity periods:

  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 6 months
  • 1 year

The vignette is always valid up to and including the last day (23:59) of the selected period. Vignettes cannot be registered retroactively. Annual vignettes are always valid for the whole year from the start date.

Please note that additional service fees apply when purchasing the digital vignette online via vintrica.com, these are shown in the last step of the order process As an independent toll portal, we take care of the registration with the toll operator for you. All prices include VAT.

Toll class 1

Preisliste für die Mautklasse 1
Laufzeit Preis
in EUR
1 week 8.00 €
6 months 32.00 €
1 year 58.70 €

Toll class 2A

Preisliste für die Mautklasse 2A
Laufzeit Preis
in EUR
1 week 16.00 €
1 month 32.00 €
1 year 117.50 €

Toll class 2B

Preisliste für die Mautklasse 2B
Laufzeit Preis
in EUR
1 week 32.00 €
1 month 64.10 €
1 year 235.00 €

Toll regulations for lorries

For vehicles exceeding the total weight of 3.5 t, a route-dependent toll is charged. To log the distance, you must apply for a transponder from DarsGo and attach it to the inside of the windscreen. The cost depends on the kilometres driven in Slovenia, the number of axles and the Euro emission class. To register your vehicle in the DarsGo system: Click here.

Sales points

You can purchase the vignette for all vehicle categories in Slovenia here at vintrica.com, at petrol stations near the border or at DARS sales points.


If you drive in Slovenia without a valid vignette, you will be subject to heavy fines. We therefore recommend buying a digital vignette before you start your journey. In addition, you should check the validity of the electronic vignette before and after purchase so that you can act quickly if there are any problems.

How are tolls controlled in Slovenia?

The correct toll class and validity of the vignette is checked around the clock in Slovenia using video surveillance.

What penalties do I face without a vignette?

Fine for driving without a valid vignette.
No vignette Misuse of vignette
£260 £690

Can I transfer my vignette?

Yes, you can transfer the e-vignette to a different licence plate number as long as the specified vehicle is in the same vehicle class. Changes can only be made for customers registered in the Dars online shop or at sales points where you purchased the digital vignette.

Who is exempt from a vignette?

According to Article 9 of the Toll Act in Slovenia, no toll is charged for the following vehicles:

  • Blue light vehicles
  • Military vehicles of the Slovenian army
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Foreign military vehicles for national defence
  • International peacekeeping forces
  • Vehicles of toll road operators

Tolls in neighbouring countries

The following neighbouring countries of Slovenia also have compulsory tolls to finance and maintain their motorways. More information on the motorway vignettes of the neighbouring countries and their validity can be found here: