Affiliate Partner Program from vintrica

vintrica offers an Affiliate Partner Programme for registration of e-vignettes via our international websites.

With the vintrica Affiliate Partner Programme, travel agencies or travel bloggers, for example, can earn an attractive income for registering e-vignettes in Europe (Hungary excluded).

Sign up to our Affiliate Partner Programme and start earning an attractive income from e-vignette registrations completed through our international websites. Registration is quick, free of charge and without risk!
Benefit from a strong brand that enjoys the highest reputation among motorists throughout Europe.

The advantages to you of our Affiliate Partner Programme

Earn an attractive income on a regular basis
Use of individual promotional material in several languages
Long cookie duration of 30 days
High level of user-friendliness and conversion rate
We are happy to support you with integration

Our Affiliate Partner Programme connects your company or your personal blog with the online portal used throughout Europe for electronic vehicle tolls. Millions of motorists use the e-vignette every year for their journeys through Europe.

As a vintrica partner, you can integrate individual advertising material on your website and receive payments when a customer registers an e-vignette via our website. Thanks to our optimised website, we have above-average conversion rates that will benefit you.