Vignette Switzerland

The toll in Switzerland is settled by the Swiss Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (Bundesamt für Zoll und Grenzsicherheit, BAZG). Since 1 August 2023, the new e-vignette has been available to car travellers in Switzerland for use on motorways and national roads. This digital addition to the traditional adhesive vignette is available at the same price. The e-vignette can be conveniently purchased online, eliminating the need for inconvenient purchases at sales points and long waits at border crossings. 

Vehicles < 3.5 t

Up to 3.5 t laden weight


Motorcycles only


Up to 3.5 t laden weight

Toll roads

In Switzerland, all motorways and national roads are subject to tolls and thus require a vignette. These roads can be recognised by a green and white signage. Additional tolls are charged on the following sections:

  • Great St. Bernard Tunnel
  • Munt la Schera Tunnel

Regulations for vehicles < 3.5t

In Switzerland, cars, motorcycles, campervans, trailers, or campers with a maximum total weight of 3.5t require a valid motorway vignette.

Prices and validity periods

Switzerland offers one single tariff for all vehicles under 3.5 tonnes:

  • 1 year

The original vignette price is always quoted in the Swiss currency “Swiss francs”. We provide you with prices updated every hour in British pounds. The current exchange rate is:

1.00 CHF = 0.86 £
(Last updated: 29/05/2024 09:00)

Vehicles < 3.5 t

Pricelist for category: Vehicles < 3.5 t
Duration Price
in CHF
in GBP
2024 40.00 CHF 34.36 £


Pricelist for category: Motorcycles
Duration Price
in CHF
in GBP
2024 40.00 CHF 34.36 £


Pricelist for category: Trailers
Duration Price
in CHF
in GBP
2024 40.00 CHF 34.36 £

The Swiss motorway vignette cannot be registered retroactively. The Swiss vignette is always valid from December 1 of the previous year until January 31 of the following year.

For example, the annual vignette for the year 2024 is valid from December 1, 2023, until January 31, 2025.

Please note that if you purchase your vignette online via, you will also be charged a service fee. As an independent toll portal, we take care of the registration with the toll operator on your behalf. The service fee is shown in the last step of the order process.

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Toll-charged tunnels

Munt la Schera Tunnel

Summer price (May – Nov.) One-way ticket Return ticket
Caravan/ campervan 23.00 CHF / 21.20 £ 41.00 CHF / 37.79 £
Cars up to 9 seats 15.00 CHF / 13.83 £ 17.00 CHF / 15.67 £
Motorcycle 11.00 CHF / 10.14 £ 17.00 CHF / 15.67 £

Great St. Bernard Tunnel

Further information at
Vehicle category One-way ticket Round-trip ticket
Car (with or without trailer) 31.00 CHF / 29.03 £ 50.00 CHF / 46.09 £
Caravan/ campervan 48.50 CHF / 44.70 £ 77.50 CHF / 71.43 £
Motorcycle 18.50 CHF / 17.05 £ 24.50 CHF / 22.58 £

Alpine passes

All information about the Alpine passes in Switzerland can be found here

Vehicle loading

Simplontunnel car loading (Switzerland - Italy)

Vehicle category Price (Fri. - Sun.)
Car > 3.5t; max. 9 seats 26.00 CHF / 23.96 £
Campervan < 3.5t 26.00 CHF / 23.96 £
Campervan > 3,5t 45.00 CHF / 41.48 £
Trailer < 0,75t - 3,5t 26.00 CHF / 23.96 £
Trailer < 0,75t 15.00 CHF / 13.83 £


Vehicle category Prices (Mon. - Thu.) Prices (Fri. - Sun.)
Car > 3.5t; max. 9 seats 27.00 CHF / 24.89 £ 29.50 CHF / 27.19 £
Campervan < 5t 27.00 CHF / 24.89 £ 29.50 CHF / 27.19 £
Trailer/ caravan 0.75t - 3.5t 27.00 CHF / 24.89 £ 29.50 CHF / 27.19 £
Trailer/ caravan < 0.75t 20.00 CHF / 18.43 £ 20.00 CHF / 18.43 £

Vehicle loading Furka

Vehicle category One-way ticket Round-trip ticket
Vehicle < 3.5t 33.00 CHF / 30.42 £ 66.00 CHF / 60.83 £
Vehicle < 3.5t and trailer 66.00 CHF / 60.83 £ 132.00 CHF / 121.67 £
Lorry/ trailer > 3.5t
Max.: 2.60m width, 3.62m height, 20t weight
200.00 CHF / 184.34 £ 400.00 CHF / 368.69 £
Motorcycle 20.00 CHF / 18.43 £ 40.00 CHF / 36.87 £

Toll regulations > 3.5t

In Switzerland, a distinction is made between LSVA and PSVA heavy goods vehicles.

Performance-related heavy vehicle charge (LSVA)

LSVA stands for 'Leistungsabhängige Schwerverkehrsangabe', which translates to 'Performance-related heavy vehicle Charge' in English. This refers to a lorry toll that applies to vehicles exceeding a permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes or are used to transport goods. The tariff is determined based on the total weight, emission class, and kilometres driven.

Lump-sum heavy vehicly charge (PSVA)

PSVA stands for 'Pauschale Schwerverkehrsabgabe', which translates to 'Lump-sum heavy vehicle charge' in English. This charge applies to vehicles such as heavy passenger cars, heavy campervans and trailers, buses, and tractors. A flat fee is required, and like LSVA, it is not based on vehicle performance.

Sales Points

The annual vignette for Swiss motorways can be purchased both online and at gas stations at the Swiss border and automobile clubs. We recommend the convenient online purchase at


Travelling on toll roads in Switzerland without a valid vignette can result in heavy fines.

How are tolls controlled in Switzerland?

Currently, the verification is conducted at the borders by BAG employees, while within the country, the police and relevant customs offices check licence plates.

What penalties do I face without an e-vignette?

If you drive on toll roads in Switzerland without a valid vignette, a fine of approximately 200 CHF (183 £) will be imposed, and you will subsequently be required to purchase a valid annual vignette. The repeated use of an annual vignette can also result in fines or criminal prosecution.

Can I transfer my vignette to another vehicle?

No, vignettes cannot be transferred. Removing the adhesive vignette is prohibited, and once removed, it becomes invalid.

When replacing the windscreen, you will obtain a new vignette for your car by presenting the old vignette.

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Can I change my registration number later?

If you selected the flex service during the ordering process for your e-vignette, you can change your registration number at any time before the first day of validity. No further changes are possible after the first day of validity.

Can I postpone the start of validity later?

You can only change the validity period of the vignette retrospectively with the Flex service at This is not possible without booking the Flex service.

Proper application of an adhesive vignette

In Switzerland, close attention is paid to how the vignette is affixed to or inside your vehicle. In some cases, Swiss police may impose fines for incorrectly placed vignettes.

Here's how to properly apply an adhesive vignette in Switzerland:

  • The vignette must only be affixed to the inside of the windscreen (vignettes on the rear window or side windows are considered invalid).
  • Place the vignette behind the rearview mirror or on the left side of the windscreen (avoid the tinted strip if present).
  • For vehicles without a windscreen, the vignette must be affixed to a non-replaceable part, such as the tank on a motorcycle (excluding the tank cap) or the fork.
  • The vignette must adhere to the windscreen without the use of additional aids (do not use adhesive strips or other materials).
  • There is often an explanation on the back of the vignette regarding its application.
  • Please ensure that you regularly remove your expired vignettes from previous years, as having too many vignettes on your vehicle can also result in fines due to a lack of clarity.

Tolls in neighbouring countries

The following neighbouring countries of Switzerland also have compulsory tolls to finance and maintain their motorways: