E-vignette Slovakia

Motorway tolls in Slovakia are collected through a digital vignette via the Eznamka payment system. The motorway vignette is linked to a vehicle registration number and can be purchased online from vintrica. You can pay for the electronic vignette quickly and easily using PayPal, online banking or a credit card. A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address and, if you wish, you will receive a text message confirmation that you can show at a checkpoint.

Vehicles < 3.5 t

Up to 3.5 t laden weight


Over 3.5 t laden weight

Toll roads

Toll roads in Slovakia include all motorways and expressways.

Motorways (diaľnica)

Tolls are in force on almost 551 kilometres of motorway in Slovakia. With approximately 200 km currently under construction or in planning, the planned motorway network will cover about 700 km. The digital Slovak vignette is required for the following motorways:

D1 Autobahn Slowakei E50 Europastraße Slowakei E58 Europastraße Slowakei E75 Europastraße Slowakei E571 Europastraße Slowakei
Bratislava – Trnava – Trenčín – Žilina – Prešov – Košice – Záhor ukrainische Grenze Flagge Ukraine
D2 Autobahn Slowakei E65 Europastraße Slowakei E75 Europastraße Slowakei
Flagge Tschechien Brodské – Malacky – Bratislava – Čunovo Flagge Ungarn
D3 Autobahn Slowakei E50 Europastraße Slowakei E442 Europastraße Slowakei E75 Europastraße Slowakei
Hričovské Podhradie – Žilina – Čadca – Skalité Flagge Polen
D4 Autobahn Slowakei E58 Europastraße Slowakei
Flagge Österreich Jarovce – Bratislava Ring – Devínska Nová Ves Flagge Österreich

Expressways (rýchlostná cesta)

Since 2009, there has been a change in the signposting of expressways. The signs are now red and bear white road numbers consisting of a one-digit number in combination with a preceding "R". Previously, only European road numbers or occasionally primary road numbers were indicated on the signs.

The planned total scope of the expressway network is 1,200 kilometres, but R2, R3 and R4 will share some sections with other expressways or motorways. Currently, 314 kilometres of expressways (excluding shared sections) are operational and 18 kilometres are under construction.

R1 Schnellstraße Slowakei E58 Europastraße Slowakei E77 Europastraße Slowakei E571 Europastraße Slowakei E572 Europastraße Slowakei
Trnava – Nitra – Zvolen – Banská Bystrica – Ružomberok
R2 Autobahn Slowakei E58 Europastraße Slowakei E77 Europastraße Slowakei E571 Europastraße Slowakei E572 Europastraße Slowakei
Trenčín – Prievidza – Zvolen – Lučenec – Košice
R3 Autobahn Slowakei E77 Europastraße Slowakei
Trstená – Martin – Žiar nad Hronom – Šahy Flagge Ungarn
R4 Autobahn Slowakei E50 Europastraße Slowakei E58 Europastraße Slowakei E71 Europastraße Slowakei E371 Europastraße Slowakei
Flagge Polen Vyšný Komárnik – Svidník – Prešov – Košice – Milhosť Flagge Ungarn
R5 Autobahn Slowakei E75 Europastraße Slowakei
R5 (under construction)
Svrčinovec – Svrčinovec
R6 Autobahn Slowakei E75 Europastraße Slowakei
Flagge Tschechien Lysá pod Makytou – Púchov – Beluša
R7 Autobahn Slowakei E575 Autobahn Slowakei
Bratislava – Dunajská Streda – Nové Zámky – Veľký Krtíš – Lučenec
R8 Autobahn Slowakei
R8 (under construction)
Nitra – Topoľčany – Hradište


Click on the following map to get an overview of tolls in the Slovak Republic.

Vignettenpflichtige Autobahnen und Schnellstraßen in der Slowakei

Vignette regulations for vehicles with a total weight of less than 3.5 t

In Slovakia, vehicles are divided into two types for toll purposes. A distinction is made between cars, campervans, vans under 3.5 tonnes and trailers.

All vehicles with a permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes, especially passenger cars and campervans, are subject to toll regulations in Slovakia. Vehicles with less than four tyres do not need a vignette (motorbikes and trikes).

Pkw unter 3,5 Tonnen
Fahrzeug für Güterverkehr unter 3,5 Tonnen
Minibus unter 3,5 Tonnen
Laster unter 3,5 Tonnen
Pickup unter 3,5 Tonnen
Van unter 3,5 Tonnen
Wohnwagen unter 3,5 Tonnen
>3.5 t
Vignette obligation for all vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes permissible total weight.
Vignette exemption for motorbikes and trikes

Regulations for trailers

If your vehicle including trailer exceeds the permissible total weight of 3.5 t, you need an additional e-vignette for your trailer. The validity periods of the two vignettes do not have to be exactly the same. If the towing vehicle including your trailer has a total weight of less than 3.5 tonnes, you do not need an additional vignette for the trailer.

Prices and validity periods

You can choose between the following validity periods:

  • 10 days
  • 30 days
  • 365 days
  • 1 year

The vignettes are always valid up to and including the last day (23:59) of the selected period. Annual vignettes 2024 cannot be registered retroactively and are always valid from purchase until 31 January of the following year. The 365-day vignette is valid for 365 days, the validity period is up to you.

Please note that an additional service fee will be charged when purchasing the vignette online via vintrica.com. As an independent toll portal, we take care of the registration with the toll operator for you. The service fee is shown in the last step of the order process. All prices include VAT.

Vehicles < 3.5 t

Pricelist for category: Vehicles < 3.5 t
Duration Price
in EUR
in GBP
10 days 12.00 € 10.15 £
30 days 17.00 € 14.38 £
365 days 60.00 € 50.76 £
1 year 60.00 € 50.76 £


Pricelist for category: Trailers
Duration Price
in EUR
in GBP
10 days 12.00 € 10.15 £
30 days 17.00 € 14.38 £
365 days 60.00 € 50.76 £
1 year 60.00 € 50.76 £

1.00 £ = 1.18 €
(Last updated: 22/06/2024 03:00)

Toll regulations for lorries

For vehicles that exceed the permissible total weight of 3.5 t without a trailer, with the exception of campervans, a distance-based toll is charged using an on-board unit (OBU). This toll applies on all motorways, expressways and certain sections. You can apply for registration and the on-board unit at emyto.sk.

Sales points

You can buy the Slovakian vignette on the spot at border crossings or online. We recommend purchasing online here at vintrica.com.

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If you drive without a valid e-vignette, you risk heavy fines. We therefore recommend buying a vignette for your category before you set off. In addition, you should check the validity of the electronic vignette before and after purchase so that you can act quickly if there are any problems.

How are tolls controlled in Slovakia?

The validity of the e-vignette and compliance with the Slovak toll is controlled electronically using video surveillance.

What penalties will I face without an e-vignette?

If you drive on toll motorways in Slovakia without a valid e-vignette, you will be asked to pay a fine of around £130. You will have one month to pay the fine. However, if you buy a monthly vignette within the 15-day grace period, the fine will be reduced to around £85.

Fine for driving without a valid vignette.
Fine Payment within 15 days
130 £ 85 £ plus monthly vignette

Can I transfer my vignette?

You cannot transfer the Slovak e-vignette to another vehicle. If you make a spelling mistake when registering the digital vignette, you may be able to change the registration number. You can find more information here.

Can I change my number plate at a later date?

You can ask the toll operator Eznamka to correct incorrect or incomplete registration numbers (e.g. typing errors) within 15 minutes after the delivery of the registration data. An application must then be submitted, which includes the licence plate and the country of registration of the vehicle or trailer. In addition, a photocopy of the registration certificate and a photocopy of the invoice are required.

You can submit the application for rectification here.

Can I postpone the start of validity after purchase?

The flex service at vintrica.com offers you the option of postponing the validity period of the vignette. This is not possible without booking the flex service.

Who is exempt from a vignette?

Pursuant to the provision of Section 7 (1) of Act No. 488/2013 Coll. on Vignette, special provisions apply to certain vehicles, which are exempt from vignette payment, including those of:

  • the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, including the budgetary organisations designated by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic and the Police Force
  • the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic, including organisations under its authority
  • the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic and NATO
  • the armed forces or civil units of the sending country for the purpose of performing official duties
  • the basic rescue units of the integrated rescue system, city or municipal fire departments, municipal police and the Slovak Red Cross
  • the administrators of state-owned motorways and roads, except concession holders
  • the Prison and Court Guard
  • historic vehicles under a special regulation
  • financial administration under a special regulation
  • the National Security Authority
  • the Slovak Information Service

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Tolls in neighbouring countries

The following neighbouring countries of Slovakia also have compulsory tolls to finance and maintain their motorways. More information on the motorway vignette of the neighbouring countries and its validity can be found here: