Automatic renewal

You can sit back and relax - with our service, your e-vignette is renewed year after year.
With automatic renewal of your annual vignette, you will never miss the expiry date again. Your annual vignette will be extended automatically for another year in good time before it expires.

The advantages to you of automatic renewal

You will never forget another renewal and you will avoid expensive toll penalties.
Don’t want to renew it? You can cancel in good time - without any risk to you!
You automatically have a valid vignette every year.

FAQ about automatic renewal

With automatic renewal, your annual vignette is automatically renewed every year. This service is optional and can be added during registration for an annual vignette.
You can cancel automatic renewal up to 2 days before the next annual vignette fee is due. The due date is always 6 weeks before your annual vignette expires. You can cancel online in your customer account.
For existing annual vignettes without automatic renewal, you can activate the service in your customer account at a later date. As soon as your current annual vignette expires, we will automatically renew it.
No, vintrica offers its customers the exclusive automatic renewal service at no extra charge.