The E-Vignette

If you’ve done a lot of driving on holiday, you’re sure to know the terms toll and vignette. But if you’ve never heard the words toll and vignette, we’ll explain them for you here. We’ll also tell you what you should keep in mind when buying an E-Vignette from us.

What is the E-Vignette?

The E-Vignette is a badge that enables you to drive legally on motorways and toll roads in a particular country for a particular period. In terms of validity or function, the E-Vignette is no different from the conventional vignette sticker that most people are familiar with. The only difference is that you have to buy vignette stickers from filling stations or motorway services and stick them onto your windscreen. With the E-Vignette, you pay the fees online, specifying only your vehicle registration number, the country of the vignette and the duration.

What do I need a vignette for?

You must buy the vignette before you drive on motorways and toll roads for which they are compulsory. Countries charge this fee to help them maintain and renovate their motorways and toll roads. Please note that you can’t buy vignettes at all border crossings and toll roads. It’s advisable, therefore, to register the vignette with vintrica before you travel.

What’s the difference between a vignette and a toll?

Toll means the fee paid for use of a road. This toll is calculated according to the distance travelled. The toll is primarily charged for use of tunnels or bridges and must always be paid on-site if you want to drive through these facilities.

What is the county vignette in Hungary?

E-Vignettes are valid throughout Hungary. But if you’re sure you only want to use toll roads in one region, you can also buy an annual vignette that’s only valid in a particular Hungarian county (an administrative district similar to a Land in Austria or Germany). The advantage of these vignettes is that they’re cheaper. The disadvantage of having an annual county vignette is that you can never use a toll road outside your chosen region.

What are the advantages of an E-Vignette?

The advantages of the E-Vignette are very simple. You can register your E-Vignette online with vintrica from anywhere in the world in just a few minutes, and you save yourself the inconvenience of sticking the vignette on your windscreen, which also helps the environment. And you don’t have to wait at border crossings, because the vignette is checked by camera on the motorway and your registration number is compared with the one stored in the database. More and more countries, such as Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia, are choosing to introduce electronic vignettes. Slovakia, for example, now only accepts digital vignettes because they have a successful track record dating back years.