Adventures in Slovakia

Sport and active holidays

Visitors to Slovakia will find endless opportunities for active holidays in the stunning natural environment. Active holidaymakers can enjoy mountaineering and get to know Slovakia in adrenaline-fuelled adventures on land, in the air or on water and on high mountain hikes.

Slovakia can be explored along the 14,000 km of official hiking trails or the more than 10,000 km of cycling trails. There are breath-taking gorges, waterfalls and gorges to marvel at to the left and right of the trails, and visitors are always invited to take a detour along one of the innumerable side paths. Friends of more lofty adventures can venture to one of the 25 peaks in the Tatras that crack the 2500 metre mark.

And the best thing about active holidays in Slovakia? The country is not overrun by tourists. This means you can enjoy the beauty of the country like a real globetrotter, far from the madding crowds of visitors.


Cycling has become an increasingly popular activity in Slovakia over recent years. This is largely due to the vigorous expansion of cycle paths. They offer a perfect opportunity to explore the many interesting corners of the country, along with historical buildings and beautiful natural settings.

Please bear in mind that it is compulsory to wear a suitable helmet outside of Slovakian towns.


You can also explore Slovakia on foot thanks thanks to the extensive network of marked hiking trails. Whether you take one of the numerous mountain hiking trails or prefer to wander through the innumerable valleys – it’s entirely up to you. There is definitely something for every hiker – whether they are beginners or seasoned veterans.

Winter sports

Winter sports are among the mots popular athletic activities in Slovakia. Skiers will definitely get their money’s worth. The ski areas have 36 modern ski centres with 350 km of downhill and 600 km of cross-country ski trails, providing a wonderful skiing experience for all levels of proficiency.

Besides skiing, Slovakia has a few other sports that are worth mentioning. They include ice skating, which has a long tradition and is among the most popular sports in the country. Tourists in particular can enjoy lots of opportunities in the many roofed winter stadia and public ice rinks.

Dog sledding is undoubtedly one of the most unusual sports. But the sport can look back on a long tradition in Slovakia, so it is hardly surprising that the country regularly hosts several international competitions. You should not miss the opportunity to give it a go.

Water sports

Slovakia’s landscape is criss-crossed by rivers and lakes. But they are not only there to look pretty and are the perfect places for recreational pursuits or adrenaline-fuelled explorations.

A raft trip along the Dunajec is absolutely recommended for those who prefer a more leisurely pace. The trips wind through magnificent sceneries that promise an unforgettable experience of nature.

Alternatively, tourists can hire motorboats or jet skis from the countless boat rental points and explore the Slovakian water world under their own steam.

Friends of action-packed adventure will get their money’s worth on rafting tours along Slovakia’s numerous turbulent rivers. Rafting means the descent of white-water rapids in an inflatable rubber boat. It promises unbeatable fun for adventurous families. The most popular venues for this activity are the Dunajec and Bela rivers, as well as the water sports areas in Čunovo and Liptovský Mikuláš.

The supreme discipline of water sports – water skiing – is also very popular in Slovakia. The country has lots to offer here as well and attracts visitors with an immense range of activities. The water ski centres are located near Košice on Jazero (from May to October) and Sĺňava near Piešťany (from July to August). These centres offer a wide range of opportunities for every level of proficiency – from beginners to experts and everyone in-between!

Slovakia boasts endless exciting activities. Solo travellers, friends and families will all get their money’s worth. The adventures in the fascinating natural setting and associated activities are as spectacular as the country’s architecture. There is no shortage of things to discover.

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