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Renewed maintenance of the Bulgarian toll system as of 13 April 2023

The Bulgarian toll operator (BGToll) has again announced maintenance of the electronic toll system from 12 April, 7pm (CET) to 13 April, 1am (CET). Due to the maintenance of the toll system, difficulties may arise in the sale of the Bulgarian e-vignette. Therefore, we at do not recommend buying vignettes during the above-mentioned period,… Continue reading Renewed maintenance of the Bulgarian toll system as of 13 April 2023

Slovenian Culture

Slovenian cuisine Slovenian cuisine builds on local ingredients. Herbs and spices grown in the garden, from a farmer or the nearest meadow. Mushrooms and forest fruits from the surrounding forests and dairy products from the Alps. Slovenian people swear by traditional recipes and local specialities. Slovenia is at the epicentre of culinary worlds from different… Continue reading Slovenian Culture

Slovakian Culture

Customs and traditions Slovakian culture is deeply rooted in the customs and traditions that have shaped the lives of people in the country for centuries, if not millennia. They are mainly embedded in a fear of the unknown and the inability to explain natural phenomena. The hope that customs and traditions would protect health and… Continue reading Slovakian Culture

Bulgarian culture is so diverse

Bulgarian culture is steeped in tradition and is shaped by various cultural influences such as Thracian, Slavonic and Byzantine culture. Bulgaria is a country with a rich culture. For centuries, Bulgarians have eaten traditional dishes which have been passed down from one generation to the next. The Bulgarian people are proud of their national cuisine… Continue reading Bulgarian culture is so diverse

The E-Vignette

If you’ve done a lot of driving on holiday, you’re sure to know the terms toll and vignette. But if you’ve never heard the words toll and vignette, we’ll explain them for you here. We’ll also tell you what you should keep in mind when buying an E-Vignette from us. What is the E-Vignette? The… Continue reading The E-Vignette

Traffic accidents abroad

We all know that traffic accidents happen every day, but what happens if you’re involved in one yourself? You need to pay attention to a particularly wide range of factors at the same time, especially on roads that you’ve seldom or never driven on before. This is a particularly common situation on holiday. We explain… Continue reading Traffic accidents abroad

Slovenia top 3 cities

Beaches by the sea, mountainous regions, stalactite caves and vineyards – they’re all things we associate with holidays. Slovenia is the only country in Europe which combines all of these things. There is so much to discover and experience, be it cycling tours through the vineyards, skiing in the Alps, hiking, relaxing on the coast,… Continue reading Slovenia top 3 cities

Top 3 Slovakian cities

When you think of Slovakia, you perhaps don’t have a picture in your mind straight away of what this beautiful country has to offer. The landlocked country in the heart of Europe has been an unrestricted member of the European Union since 2009. The country enchants tourists from all over the world with its combination… Continue reading Top 3 Slovakian cities

Hungary Top 3 Cities

In many people’s minds, Hungary is associated with a long-ago school trip or the world-famous goulash. However, the country is rich in culture and sights. The landlocked country has been a member of the EU since May 2004 and currently still trades in the local currency, the Hungarian Forint. The country is, however, preparing for… Continue reading Hungary Top 3 Cities